We provide advice in all areas of individual and collective labour law. In addition to the advice in the daily business this above all comprises the conducting of negotiations with works and staff councils, the representation before labour, civil and administrative courts, the participation in conciliation committees and the accompaniment of larger projects such as restructuring and mass dismissals. The advice covers among others the following subject areas:

  • AGG [General Equal Treatment Act], including defense against AGG hopping
  • Canon labour law
  • Changes in operations and transfers of business (preparation and accompaniment)
  • Co-determination works council and staff council
  • Collective agreements (formulation and negotiation)
  • Collective bargaining law
  • Company audit
  • Company pension scheme
  • Competitors complaints
  • Control agreements, company agreements and service agreements (formulation and negotiation)
  • Data protection
  • Digitalisation of the working environment
  • Disguised employment
  • Employee participation
  • Employment contracts and contracts of service (formulation and check)
  • Employment of foreigners
  • Interns and working students
  • IT usage at the workplace (policies and company agreements)
  • Limitation of employment contracts
  • Minimum wage
  • Notices of termination and terminations with the option of alterations to the agreement
  • Notification of hearing and letter of notification
  • Parental leave
  • Recruiting, onboarding and retention management
  • Reference
  • Severance agreements
  • Temporary employment, personnel leasing
  • Transfers
  • Working hour models, flexible working hours
  • Works council elections and Supervisory Board elections

This list is not conclusive. Please feel free to contact us for a personal talk.

During our activities in the labour law departments of Lovells and BMH BRÄUTIGAM we processed the questions relating to labour law with numerous transactions, assisted in the creation of the Due-Diligence reports and accompanied the negotiations between the seller and buyer. We are aware of the typical questions and requirements and have experience with the as a rule very high time pressure.

We offer comprehensive advice and always bear the entire facts in mind. It is therefore a matter of course for us that we also tackle topics within the scope of the advice, which are not directly associated with labour law, but are relevant as interfaces. Such interfaces typically occur with regard to social law, company law, competition law, liability law and criminal law. If necessary, we include experienced colleagues from the respective specialist field in the processing:

  • Dr. Patrick Auerbach-Hohl, Dr. Alexander Wulff and Katharina Erbe (BMH BRÄUTIGAM) with regard to all questions of company foundations for start-ups and Venture Capital. Interfaces to labour law arise in the foundation phase if in addition to the HR basics and sample contracts structures under company law have to be created and e.g. with employee participation programmes and outsourcing. The team of Dr. Patrick Auerbach-Hohl has a particularly good network in the Berlin start-up scene and is pleased to pass on its experience and contacts.
  • Dr. Andrea Reichert-Clauß, LL. M. (London), Tina Schmidt, LL. M. (Melbourne) und Dr. Sylko Winkler (BMH BRÄUTIGAM) with regard to all questions of company law | M&A. Interfaces to labour law in particular arise in case of restructuring and changes in operations, transformations under company law (such as demerger and merger), in case of Asset Deals with transfers of business and with the take-over of companies from insolvency.
  • Johannes Wolf (BMH BRÄUTIGAM) with regard to all questions of competition law and liability law. Interfaces to labour law in particular arise in case of serious breaches of employment contracts of executives and employees.

Since 2001 we have been informing clients and interested parties about the latest developments in case law and legislation relating to labour law in our very popular update event which takes place every six month. In the second part of the event there is an opportunity for personal talks with fingerfood and drinks. Upon request we will be pleased to enter you on our invitation list. Please contact us. In addition, we have been carrying out inhouse training and seminars for many years for all relevant topics and developments relating to labour law – also with external partners. Our offer ranges from continuously updated basic principle training to current presentations in case of changes to the law and case law to events according to your individual requirements and needs. The offered seminars and training are very popular and regularly provide considerable positive feedback. You will find an excerpt from our training programme below:

  • Anti-discrimination law
  • Employer termination
  • Labour law for executives
  • Compliance under labour law
  • Change in operations and transfer of business
  • Works council and works council election
  • Industrial constitution law
  • Data protection
  • Liability of managing directors
  • State Equal Treatment Act, rights of the women’s representative
  • Control of employees
  • Outsourcing
  • Savings in personnel costs
  • Personnel representation law
  • Bad performance, low performance and illness
  • Social media and whistleblowing
  • Collective agreement constitutional law
  • Part-time and limitation law
  • Restructuring, restoration and insolvency
  • Update labour law
  • Law governing leave

This list is not conclusive. Please inform us of your wishes. We will be pleased to create a corresponding offer for you.